The universe without frontiers (I)

The Universe of the Frontier is haunting me since I was 8. It didn’t have a name back then, it was just a bunch of ideas about space adventures. Between 1983 and 1993 I turned some of them to comics, others became stories and some remained simple notes to be used sometime in the future.

Meanwhile, it became more and more coherent and complex. It already includes several stories and novels, and others are still to come. Today I will talk about what is already published, considering the chronology of the action.

A Ticket of Leave from Søregaard appeared in Lumi virtuale magazine in 2003. It’s about an expedition gathering informations about the planet Søregaard and discovering what seems to be an unknown strange sentient species. The story was included in my first book, Trilogy (2004) and can be read in Fantastic Stories (2016, Millennium Books).

Under the Søregaard’s Three Suns is a sequel to the previous story. A second expedition is sent on the surface of the planet in order to explore its resources and study the indigens. It was a literary experiment, combining storytelling using the first, second and third person altogether. The story appeared in the online magazine Ficț in 2014 (numbers 11 to 13).

To Rugh, Dearly was written especially for my second book, The Kvun God (2004). It talks about the dramatic adventures of a ship crashed on the planet Argger. The barbaric indigenous people oscillate between brutal traditions and the desire to learn from the other species they’ve encountered. The story went through a rough change from its first version due to some internal rules I’ve set for the Universe of the Frontier. The new version is available in the Fantastic stories collection.

Death of a Winged Princess appeared in 2013 in EgoPHobia magazine. It takes place on a jonner planet where a human doctor is hired to heal the heir of a king. Little does he know that he came across an extremely rigid society. The story can be found in the Tales from Time Oceans (2016) e-book.

The Frontier was the first novel and also gave the name of the series. It was published in 2006 by Diasfera publishing house and was roughly revised and extended in the 2017 two-volume edtition from Tritonic. The novel presents an unballanced n-dimensional multiverse whose composing worlds are fighting each-other and also trying to bring back the ballance.

The Healer on the Inner Cloud was my first published book after an eight years hiatus. It appeared in 2014 at Tritonic and follows an urklin in her mission to help her species find a way to keep on reproducing. The main character has to go into space and seek help from more developed civilizations  whose technology she has no capacity to understand. The second edition of the book appeared in 2017.

The Last Tide was published in 2016 at Tritonic. After I started writing the book I realised it should have started at a completely different point, so I rearranged some of the already written chapters, re-wrore the others and went on untill… Untill I realised that this wasn’t it, either. The action had to start in a different place. So I took the process all over again and was finally satisfied with the result. The novel starts on the planet Ceòl Mór, who’s going through some dramatic climate changes. Its inhabitants, the blind species called linni, has a technology similar to the 19th century civilized Earth, which can’t help understanding the complexity of the phenomenon. This is why linni need to seek help from the All Worlds Council.

When the Red Feathers Cry is the last story written in the series so far and the latest in its internal chronology. It appeared in 2018 at Tritonic alongside a novella written by Daniel Timariu in his urban-fanatsy series Darkness. It presents the attempt of the All Worlds Council to bring back to life the extinct species of arlot.

Next week: what’s to come in this universe. 😉

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