The Charlotte Syndrome

The Butterfly-Man Trilogy # 3

In collaboration with Teodora Matei

September 2017

Tritonic publishing house

308 pages

ISBN 978-606-749-262-0


Lucas and Kwanza are looking to find the reason for their symbiosis and at the same time they want to test how far their combined talents can go.

After finding the way into the Net, Antonia tries to destroy it.

Oliver is consumed by the relationship with Dana, which brings him to the heights of ecstasy, but threatens and compromises him forever.

Faced with an unexpected situation, Christian is about to discover unpredictable secrets.

Sandra seems to be extinguished, with his dreams destroyed, but Alex finds that appearances can be misleading.

Who will come out of the Net game? More specifically, can one get out of it?

Nominated in 2018 at the AntareSFest Award for Best SF&F novel.

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