The Butterfly-Man Trilogy # 2

 In collaboration with Teodora Matei

September 2016

Tritonic publishing house

328 pages

ISBN 978-606-749-163-0


A mysterious character summons a hacker from another reality and sends him in search of a Model where information about important tycoons is encrypted.

While adapting to the life on the streets, Antonia sees herself in the position of demonstrating how strong her belief is in the Liberator.

Dana and Oliver feel that behind Sandra there’s more than meets the eye, but their work is hampered by unforeseen personal events.

After all, two questions needs answering: did Luigi Spaletti succeed in returning to the helm of his financial empire, and what is the butterfly-man Randall is talking about?

 It was the best-selling volume of the Tritonic Sci-Fi collection in 2017.

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