The Healer on the Inner Cloud

July 2014, November 2017

Tritonic publishing house

238 pages

ISBN 978-606-749-288-0


The urklins have a very primitive society and they live in symbiosis with their planet which they call the World. They get their names when it’s time for them to give birth to an offspring, and the name is a mission they have to accomplish. The main character gets the name Curebringer and finds out that her species is on the brink of extinction. It cannont reproduce anymore, so she has to go in the outer space to find a cure from other civilisations. It’s a very hard task, because she has to deal with advanced technologies she doesn’t understand, and with customs she’s not familiar with since she hasn’t left her home planet before.

In her quest she meets a peculiar man who promises to help her. But things in the known universe are not that simple and easy to solve as on the World, and the Curebringer has to accomplish her mission while trying to remain faithful to the teachings she grew up with.

The novel was nominated at the RomCon Award for Best SF&F novel in 2015.

“The forth book of Lucian Dragoş Bogdan deserves what any author wants: commercial and critical success.” (Cătălin Badea-Gheracostea, Observatorul cultural / Sfada cu literatura, 2015)

“The universe of The Healer on the Inner Cloud presents a search for the balance of the opposites.” (Rodica Chira, Autres Mondes. Approches SF, 2015 / TricTac: Journal of World Mythology and Folklore, vol. 8, 2015 / Columna: Finish & Romanian culture / Discobolul)

“The Healer on the Inner Cloud outlines a complex, original, captivating, truthful universe that offer even more beautiful surprises to the readers” (Oliviu Crâznic, Galileo)

“Whatever expectations you have from a SF novel, leave all your preconceptions aside, because this book is totally different from anything you have ever imagined.” (Andreea Sterea, Gazeta SF)

“One of the best SF novels ever written by a romanian author.” (Daniel Timariu)

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