A Stranger in the Assert Kingdom

In collaboration with Teodora Matei

October 2018

Tritonic publishing house

334 pages

ISBN 978-606-749-355-9


The Assert Kingdom is going through a difficult period because the King and the Queen can not have offspring. Fortunately, a stranger coming from across the ocean in a zeppelin seems to know a cure for the problem. But he also brings worrying news: The Principality of Siov has built a machine heavier than the air, called Dracones, with which he conquered country by country.

The same stranger becomes the protector of three girls, Greta, Anelis and Katarina, who have the gift to influence the destiny of the newborn. Taken to the palace, the girls help the Prince’s birth, becoming his friends and confidants. As he grows much faster than an ordinary child, the Kingdom is setting up an army that uses the latest scientific discoveries in order to send it across the ocean to fight with Siov, stopping its campaign of conquest.

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