The Trunk

– a Homeless novel –

6 June 2019 / 22 August  2019

Tritonic publishing house / La fosse aux ours publishing house

148 pag. / 160 pag.

ISBN 978-606-749-423-5 / ISBN 978-2-35707-147-6

In Lyon, the police finds the corpse of an old lady hidden in a trunk that usualy stays ontop of the cars. The first results indicates that the dental work was made somewhere in Romania. Therefore, two parallel investigations start. The one in France has a gendarme in charge, one who only has three more months left to his retirement. The one in Romania is lead by Marius Duca, the office Dinu helped in his investigations during the Homeless series.

The two don’t quite get along, due to the missconceptions and stereotypes they have over the other’s people. Still, their cooperation reveals step by step the mystery surrounding the old lady’s death. A mystery that involves relatives with financial problems, car thieves and a Mafia organisation.

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