Work in progress #1: A novel in the Universe of the Frontier

As I’ve said before, I’m working on a new novel in the Universe of the Frontier. It will be the first one in an intended three-book mini-series. Unlike the other books in this universe, with independent plots, this one will be linked to each other.

In the When the Red Feathers Cry novella I presented the efforts to bring back to life an extinct species, the arlots. The mini-series will focus on the events leading to that extinction. It is loosely based on a comics trilogy that I’ve worked on from the end of the 1980s till the first half of the 1990s.

The first book follows the quest of a ship whose mission is to discover the source of a signal coming from an uncharted teritory in space. The crew has many species in it, as you’ve probably expecting – a perfect environment to explore how one can find common ground in a diversity of cultures. 😉

The events take place long before the ones in the Frontier novel, when the quantum travel haven’t yet been discovered. I’ve already wrote one third of the novel, but I’m sure I’ll be drastically rewriting some parts concerning an organic AI. I’ve already done it once, but I’m still not satisfied (but I’ve decided to stay. However, I shall expect a reduction – Oh, wait! This is from another show 🙂 ). And I might have a hard time with the arbotsky – a race I’ve never described in any of my previous books or stories. It will need a lot of polish till it will have a good enough “personality” to please me.

That’s all for now. I’ll keep you updated with this project. Next week I’ll give you some insights from another work in progress. 😉

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