The Girl with Blossomed Dresses

November 2018

Tritonic publishing house

228 pages

ISBN 978-606-749-378-8


The marriage between Martin and Helga Lippmann has not been going on for a long time. He’s too preoccupied with the career, while she finds consolation in the arms of another man. They remain together for the sake of their daughter, Elsa, until a series of events force them to rethink all their plans. Confused, Elsa joins a group of youngsters who are eager to live life to the full, while her friend, Kirsten, strives to keep her away from dangers. In the complicated net surrounding the family is also caught Gisela, a very conscientious policeman who looks with reluctance on migrants arriving on German territory. Among these are Hussein and Anna, two people with a hard past. What will happen when their destinies merge with the protagonists? Will they bring balance, or will they disturb the waters even more?

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