Work in progress #3: A new romance novel

No, I haven’t forgotten about my romance fans. Don’t worry, I’m working on a new novel.

There’s a bit of a different approach on this one compared to my previous works. It won’t be a novel per se, meaning it won’t have one plot that starts here and ends there. It will be more of a mix of several stories involving the same characters in order to create a big picture. I think there will be six stories, so the working title is, what a surprise! :), Six.

Also, the novel will have a bit of a fantastic touch in it. Not SciFi, but rather something meant to spice up the story, giving it a bit of a “mystery”, like in Somewhere in Time, or Kate & Leopold.

For now, I’ve just started working on it. I’m trying to get the vibe of the 1970s Edinburgh. It’s fascinating to research those times, to get information and try to recreate the atmosphere…

But we’ll be talking about it. Next week I’ll show you another project I’m working on. 😉

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