When the Red Feathers Cry

March 2018

Tritonic publishing house

64 pages

ISBN 978-606-749-325-2


In order to cope with the potential danger of unknown invaders, the leaders of the Council of All Worlds decide to bring back to life a missing species, arlot, whose leadership qualities remained in the history of the known universe.

The experiment goes in two directions. The first one, virtual simulation, has the disadvantage that it fails to encompass the entire complexity of a civilization and always reaches a dead end. The second, the recreation of the species from the retained DNA samples, also proves to be a failure. It seems that the germs of the epidemic that led to extinction are still present, and the beings brought to life get sick and die.

The two Consuls have one more option. If this is also going to fail, the project risks being abandoned as unfeasible.


”I loved this one. It’s set in a large world the author has created and I’m definitely going to be reading more.” (Dianthaa Dabbles)

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