The Butterfly Man

The Butterfly-Man Trilogy # 1

 In collaboration with Teodora Matei

November 2015

Tracus Arte publishing house

318 pages

ISBN 978-606-664-556-0


The cyberspace merged with reality. Who is not connected to it does not exist. That’s why everyone is dreaming to get there. Become someone. But when virtual values are more important than real ones, you can lose all in one moment: money, family, even your own identity. And then you are thrown on the streets, a pariah that lives from one day to the next.

The novel presents a radiography of a possible future where the characters are various people: Sandra – the Peripheral young woman who wants to enter the Network to become a famous writer, Luigi Spaletti – the businessman who has become poor because his identity got stolen, Andreas – the creator of successful blogs, Lucas – the hacker eager to accept any challenge just to prove himself the best, Dana and Oliver – the cypoles who are trying to keep society within the limits of tolerable normality.

Nominated in 2016 at the RomCon Award for Best SF&F novel.

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