The Book of Chaos II: The Crypts of Time

April 2019

Tritonic publishing house

214 pages

ISBN 978-606-749-408-2

After escaping the menace of the Hell Hound, Count Dracula starts building his realm and is preparing to rally more vampires to his cause. Elek, the lawyer, is twisted between his duty and the love for his family.

The Lone-Wolf heads for the future he came from, searching for his freedom and the right to exploit the new discovered lands. Alongside him is the Queen of the Fairies, who wishes to recruit Patricia, while Diana has to face the consequences of what she has done to Catalin.

Guided by the faun, Melisa discoveres worlds that she has heard of in fairytales and also finds out that she has some tasks to complete.

In the real world, two special agents come to Sighisoara trying to anihilate the realms who are  threatening our world. In the meantime, the police refuse to believe that the late disappearances are anything else but the action of a criminal gang.

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