The Head Hunters

– Homeless Series #1 –

 May 2016

Tritonic publishing house

238 pages

ISBN 978-606-749-097-8


Dinu is a 40 years old man whose his life revolves between family, job and friends in the small city of Alba Iulia. But he never forgot his teenage dreams where he saw himself wandering around the world from the springs of the Nile to the peaks of Everest, in some marvelous adventures.

By chance, he hears of a serial killer who chooses his victims among the homeless people. At that moment, he thinks that he could get out of routine for at least a few days, infiltrating into the ranks of those men to find the killer. This could give him a pale copy of his long awaited adventures…

 It was the best-selling volume of the Tritonic Mystery & Thriller collection in 2016.

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