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CSF nr. 9

I Am Nikita

2020, SF, CSF magazine no. 9



Antologia CSF 2019

A Perfect World

2020, SF, CSF Anthology 2019


CSF nr. 7

On the Edge of Madness, the Yggdrasil…

2020, SF, CSF magazine no. 7



To Sasca Montana by Bicycle

I’m Only Writing

2019, mainstream & Sci-Fi, Verbum, Libris publishing house, Romania


Incotro, homo cosmicus? - Nic Dobre

Probability Trajectories

2019, Sci-Fi, Where to, Homo Cosmicus? anthology, Libris publishing house, Romania



A Car that Lasts Forever

2019, mainstream, Discobolus magazine no. 253-254-255, Romania


The General’s Story

2019, crime, Timisoara Noir anthology, Tritonic publishing house, Romania


Breakfast Delight

2018, crime, Gastro Noir anthology, Tritonic publishing house, Romania


Beyond the Horizon

2018, Sci-Fi, Anthology of Romanian Science-Fiction Prose, Paralela 45 publishing house, Romania


One Morning, at Sunset

2018, Sci-Fi, Century Fiction anthology, Pavcon publishing house, Romania


A Case of Drowning

2018, crime, BalkaNoir anthology, Kastaniotis publishing house, Greece


Satori Petals

2018, Sci-Fi, The most beautiful SF & F stories of the year 2017 anthology, Vremea publishing house, Romania


The Search for the Banana-Moon

The Story of a Boy and a Map-Butterfly

2018, children literature, Anthology of literary texts for children, Libris publishing house, Romania


The Ghost in the Machine

2018, Sci-Fi, Helion Anthology volume 5, Eurostampa publishing house, Romania



The Hidden Fangs of the City

2017, crime, Bucharest Noir anthology, Tritonic publishing house, Romania



Non-Discriminatory Treatment

2017, Sci-Fi, Argos Three anthology, Tritonic publishing house, Romania



The Singularity

2016, SF, Science & Technique magazine no. 57, Romania


The Entertainer

2015, Sci-Fi, 2016 Anticipation Almanac, Nemira publishing house, Romania


Beyond the Horizon

2015, Sci-Fi, Beyond the Horizon anthology, Millennium Books publishing house, Romania


Sakura. A Picture

2015, Sci-Fi Galileo magazine no. 7, Romania



The Story of Brother Jacopo

2015, F, CPSF magazine no. 31, Romania


Beyond the Horizon

2015, Sci-F-, Argos Two anthology, MediaTech and TexaRom publishing houses, Romania


The Story of Xieng Baohui

2014-2015, F, CPSF magazine no. 25-26, Romania


The Road to

2000, Sci-Fi, Discobolus magazine no. 25 (32), Romania


It’s Not the First Time

1994, Sci-Fi, Anticipation magazine no. 513, Romania


The Rhapsody

1993, Sci-Fi, Anticipation magazine no. 506, Romania


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