Work in progress #4: Stories

Every now and the I feel like taking a break from long term full of responsabilities relationships and dive into a short steamy affair. That means leaving aside the novels and focus on a story, giving away complex planned plots, well constructed characters and carefully build chapter long tension, and focusing on a simple idea presented in just a few pages by quickely sketched characters.

I’m actually working on two stories. In fact, one is already finished, with some minor revision needed – a word change here and there. It is called How Stories Are Born and it’s a mystery story. A bit different from what I wrote previously, for we have a mystery, but no investigator. The story about that mystery is spreading around from one man to another, until… Well, I’m not going to give you spoilers. Yes, I know, I’m an asshole, for I can’t tell you yet where and when you’ll be able to read it. I just wanted you to be curious. 🙂

The other story is a SciFi one. Actually, it’s a humorous SciFi story, a genre I rarely approach, because:

  1. Each man has his own sense of humour; if you don’t like the writer’s humour, you won’t like the story.
  2. Timming is esential in this kind of stories – preparing the scene, delivering the joke. If that doesn’t work, the story is ruined.

I wrote a big part of the story. After I’m done with it, I’ll probably send it to one of the SciFi magazines in Romania.

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