Log of a widow. Black widow

Dry General. Old crop, well squeezed in the winepress of life and left for aging in a barrel of melancholy.

The forth novel of the Homeless series is over! Took a little longer than I thought because I had to deal with a woman in a trunk. 😉 It was for the best, I suppose, for it got more time to develop – some ideas got better and led to other things I haven’t thought of in the beginning.

About the plot: Dinu becomes suspect in a death case. Knowing he is innocent, he starts an investigation on his own to find out if it was, indeed, a murder and, if so, who might be the murderer. He can’t rely on his friends from the police and he feels betrayed because they are suspecting him.

Soon enough he finds a possible clue: a woman who is dating old people on online dating websites. He then finds out of some more deaths. And receives some notes. And a stranger wants to hire his services.

This and other things can be found in The Black Widow novel. It should have appeared in the second part of this Spring, but due to the pandemic circumstances things got a bit uncertain.

Well, at least I’ve finished it. One day it will be on the market. 😉

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