The universe without frontiers (II)

Last time I was talking about the stories already published in the Universe of the Frontier. Now I’ll reveal my future plans.

  • A series of two or three novels presenting the discovery of some civilizations: fraro (from The Healer on the Inner Cloud and The Frontier), willon (from When the Red Feathers Cry), edaryfistro-adler. In the chronolgy of the universe it comes somewhere between To Rugh, Dearly and Death of a Winged Princess and is based on a comics trilogy made by me in the late 80s – beginning of the 90s. I’ve already started working on the first novel and it will probably be ready to be published at the end of this year, or the beginning of the next one. More details soon to come. 😉
  • The story or stories that will conclude the søregaard chronicles. I initially intended it to have five stories, but it is possible to only include three in the end.
  • A series of three or four novels presenting the human race leaving the Earth. It preceedes all the other stories in the Universe of the Frontier. Some parts have already been written during the last years, but it’s a very complex project and it will still require a lot of work.
  • A story about a strange alien species, taking place after the events presented in the Death of a Winged Princess.
  • A novel that solves the mystery presented at the end of The Last Tide novel. The action takes place after the events from When the Red Feathers Cry.

This is a possible future of the Universe of the Frontier. Still, who knows? Gods have been known to be unpredictable when it comes to the worlds they’ve created. 😉

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