The Story of … (II)

Amongst the many places travelers, merchants and story-men have spoken, one was very peculiar.

This phrase is the key to the next ”story of”. One that I have already began working on and has the working title The story of the story-man. If everything goes well, I hope I’ll have it done this year.

I have ideas for four more stories to follow this one. And I also have ideas for two prequels – meant to preceed the action in The Story of Xieng Baohui. Even though the stories are not tied in, there is an internal space and time frame for each of them in a hypothetical chronology.

I thought of puting them together in a book, though I’m not sure it would please the readers. As some have already seen, they follow a recipe. This is the idea behind the series and even if the plot goes in different directions, it is still possible for those similarities in structure to be boring when reading them one after the other.

Anyway, when the time comes, I’ll think about this. 😉

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