The Story of… (I)

The Story of… was not intended to be a series. While I was working on the first story, I wrote a phrase that made me realize there was potential for a series of similar adventures. The stories were not meant to be linked in any other way but their title (The Story of…) and the inclusion of a reference meant to be developed in the next story of the series.

So far, I have:

  • The Story of Xieng Baohui (2014) it’s about a place where people are born and die in the same order. It first appeared in the CPSF Anticipatia magazine nr. 25-26 and was later included in the East of a Known Galaxy anthology (2019) and the 4th issue of Galaxia 42 magazine (2020).
  • The Story of Brother Jacopo (2015) tells the story of a country where luck and bad luck keep a balance throughout the life of a man. It appeared in the 31th issue of CPSF Anticipatia.
  • The Story of Quila (2015) speaks of a country in which gods descend among humans to help them when they are in trouble. It appeared in the Nautilus magazine nr. 90.
  • The Story of Matabwiki, called Ber (2015) is about a tribe whose members host the spirits of their ancestors inside of them. It was included in the 91th issue of Nautilus.
  • The Story of Pargat’s Lives (2017) talks about some people who are reborn until they pay their debts. It was published in Revista de suspans nr. 35.

Do I have other plans? You’ll see. 😉

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