Co-writing (II)

It’s ok to make plans when you’re working on your own. But when you’re involved in a project with another author, it may be hard to make predictions. It’s not just your schedule, your mood. Still, I like to imagine “how would it be if”, so…

  • I think that the sequel to A Stranger in the Assert Kingdom it’s pretty certain. If nothing wrong will happen to me or to Teodora Matei, the day will come when one of us will ask “do you feel like starting writing…?” And that will be it.
  • during our long chat, Teo, Daniel Timariu and I started to play with a couple of ideas for thrillers. We soon began questioning how would it be to write them together. I hope that we’ll start working to at least one of them.
  • I’ve had some nice chat with Daniel regarding some hard-SF ideas. We even thought of writing something together. We’ll see.
  • I’ve already told you about a possible project with a Greek author. Well… we’re both from the Balkans, so anything can happen – it may come out or it may end before we start working on it. 🙂

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