Co-writing (I)

I really needed someone else to fight with, besides myself, so I decided to write some texts with other authors. This is the result:


  • White Moon, Scarlet Moon – a horror story co-written with Teodora Matei. Our first project together. Teo wrote a bit, then passed it on to me, I wrote a bit, passed it back to her, and so on till it was done. It’s a story about a guy that inherits a house in a remote village in the Apuseni Mountains. With some strange things going on there. The story was published in the Ficț magazine.


  • The Butterfly-Man #1: The Butterfly-Man – a cyberpunk novel co-written with Teodora Matei. This time, each one took the responsability of one chapter. The story follows some characters in the virtual world: a hacker stealing rich men identities, a young woman willing to become a top writer, a blogger, a rich woman who has lost all of her possesssions, a pair of cypols trying to establish the order. The novel was published by Tracus Arte.


  • The Butterfly-Man #2: Maya – the second part of the trilogy. Teo and I began to mix the passages written by each of us. The characters follow new adventures, new virtual worlds take shape, and some people begin to wonder which world represents „the reality”. The novel was published by Tritonic.


  • Domino – a crime project that included Bogdan Hrib, Teodora Matei, Daniel Timariu and Anamaria Ionescu, each of us using characters from its own the crime series. Bogdan’s character gets a case with the starting point in Alba Iulia, where characters from the Homless series take care of the investigation. It seems that this is just a piece of a bigger case, so the investigation goes on to Teo’s people, in Ploiesti, then to Daniel’s in Timisoara. Eventually, Anamaria’s anti-hero takes care of the remaining “leftovers”. The book was published by Tritonic. Each of us wrote a separate story, with Bogdan linking them alltogether.
  • The Butterfly-Man #3: The Charlotte Syndrome – the last part of the trilogy. The characters discover the reality of the virtual worlds. The novel was published by Tritonic.


  • 3.4 – co-written with Teodora Matei and Daniel Timariu. Each of us has a post-apocalyptic story, and the three of them ar linked together. The book appeared in the 3.x collection from Tritonic publishing house.
  • Sketches of Love – a romance anthology from Tritonic, where Teo and I gathered ten stories from ten authors (ourselves included). Coordinating an anthology seemed a harder job than writing together, it involved more compromises, but we managed to get it done.
  • Domino 2: The Mysteries of Rasnov – following the first Domino formula, we recruited a sixth author (Petru Berteanu). Rather than writing each of us an independent story, we now created pieces that are interconnected in a bigger puzzle. The book was published by Tritonic.
  • A Stranger in the Assert Kingdom – a steampunk novel co-written with Teodora Matei. In a society reminding of the Victorian England with some added fantasy elements, we recreated the fairytail of the prince growing up faster than a regular child, whose destiny is to kill the beast (represented here by a heavier than air fire-spitting machinery). The novel was published by Tritonic.


  • 3.6 – a 3.x collection issue that includes three stories: a crime written by Teodora Matei, a SciFi from my Book of Chaos series and White Moon, Scarlet Moon.
  • Sand Castles – the second romance anthology made with Teo. We only had nine authors/stories this time (ourselves included). It appeared at Tritonic.
  • The Trunk / Le coffre – a spin off of the Homeless series, co-written with the French author Jacky Schwartzmann. It follows a double investigation – one in France, one in Romania – in order to solve the mystery of the death of a lady found in the trunk of a car. Each of us took care of the chapters happening in his own country. In Romania, the book was published by Tritonic, and in France by La Fosse aux ours.
  • Under the Crooked Dragon’s Water – a fantasy anthology assebled with Teo, including ten authors (ourselves included). We had a lot of struggle finishing this one, but we finally made it. 🙂

I didn’t count “the two headed book” (that started at one edn with a story from my Universe of the Frontier and from the other end with one from Daniel Timariu’s World of Darkness). It was not co-written in any way, it just had two independent stories put together.

Next week – some projects discussed with different authors. Some of them might become stories or books in the future.

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