Just a homeless (I)

The Homeless crime series is getting close to an end. It has a main plot that follows the detective Dinu Cabulea and a series of spinn-offs. Today I’m going to present what has already been published, the same way I previously did with the Universe of the Frontier – using the internal chronology of the series. All the novels and stories were published by Tritonic publishing house.

The Headhunters was the first novel of the series and it was published in 2016. Dinu Cabulea, the main character, is a salesman in Alba Iulia willing to escape the daily routine. He wants to live the adventures he has dreamed of when he was a teenager by going to live among the people in the street in order to discover the killer that beheads them, thus helping the local police to investigate the case.

The General’s Story is available in the Timisoara Noir anthology by Daniel Timariu from 2019. It’s a spin-off telling the story of how the homeless known as The General ended up in the streets..

The Sicilian Defense appeared in 2017 and follows the story of Dinu as he returns to his family and the “normal” life. He tries to help his police friends, Marian Duca and Ovidiu Bintintan, solve the mystery of some political crimes in Alba Iulia using his network of informers: the homeless people (especially The General and Spatarul Mihali) and some retired old folks lead by the chess lover Misu Man.

Pumpkin and Babushka was included in 2017 in the Domino project that had five crime authors bringing together characters from their series. This is the first spin-off with commissioner Marian Duca as main character. Along with the inspector Bintintan he tries to solve the mystery of the dissapearance of a flower girl in Alba Iulia. Dinu is a secondary character, gathering information for the commissioner.

The Chinese Torture appeared in 2018 and has Dinu being called to Bucharest by a friend of his in order to search a Chinese girl that has dissapeared from The Red Dragon shopping center. The General, Misu Man, inspector Bintintan, Spatarul Mihali and a series of street orphans from Bucharest join him in his quest.

Among Legends was included in the Domino 2018 sequel, The Mysteries of Rasnov. Marian Duca is once again the main character of the spin-off. He is on vacation at Brasov with his family when a guest of the hotel he’s staying in suddenly dissapears.

Breakfast Delight is a spin-off that introduces a new character, one that will be part of the fourth volume of the series: Balogh Tünde. She is involved in the investigation of a series of strange deaths that took place in Oradea. The story appeared in the 2018 Gastro Noir anthology by Bogdan Hrib.

The Trunk is the first spin-off novel and it was co-written with the French author Jacky Schwartzmann. The French version of the book, called Le Coffre, appeared at La Fosse aux ours publishing house. Marian Duca is involved in an international investigation in order to solve the mystery of the death of a Romanian old lady found in an abandoned trunk in France. Inspector Bintintan is by his side, Tünde has a brief cameo and Dinu gets some information about the deceased.

In the next article I’ll be talking about what’s to come in the series.  😉

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