Just a homeless (II)

What’s next in the Homeless series? Well, some things are certain. When I started the series, I had in mind s five-book history for its main character, Dinu. However, I’ve also wrote some spin-offs in the meantime and I even fooled around the idea of the homless outfit becoming a superhero costume.

Considering that, this is how the future of the series might look like:

  • The fourth book in the main series is finished. It’s entitled The Black Widow and will be out pretty soon.
  • The fifth book, that ends up Dinu’s story. It is scheduled for 2021.
  • A spin-off story with inspector Bintintan as the main character. He deserves it.
  • Another international spin-off novel (this time co-written with a Greek author). Last summer  I would have said it is a certain project, for we’ve had the agreement, we’ve set up the plot and so on. Honestly, right now I thing the chances of it happening are below 50%, but you never know.
  • A series of novel or graphic novels with The Homeless superhero – a mysterious figure or organisation dressed up as homeless people and “saving the day”.

Well… that’s about it. But remember that we are talking about crime fiction, so I may have given you some fake data. 😉

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