The retrospective of 2018, part one – science fiction, fantasy and young adult

After finishing the cyberpunk trilogy The Butterfly-Man, Teodora Matei and I published a new novel this year, A Stranger in the Assert Kingdom, recreating a fairy tale using the steampunk props.

Willing to accept new challenges, I ventured into the realm of the fantasy / young adult, publishing the novel The Book of Chaos. Teenagers, vampires, werewolves, ciborgs and other fantastic creatures gather in the citadel of Sighisoara, in an adventure that is just beginning.

I have not forgotten the universe of the Frontier. When the Red Feathers Cry talks about trying to bring back to life a lost civilization. The novella appeared alongside a story from the World of Darkness written by Daniel Timariu.

I’ve also published two new stories. The first one, The Manuscript, appeared in the collective volume 3.4, in which, together with Teodora Matei and Daniel Timariu, we imagined a post-apocalyptic future. The second one, One Morning, at Sunset, was included in the Century Fiction anthology and describes two outstanding scientific achievements – one designed to open new horizons to mankind, the other sink it into ignorance.

Three other stories previously published have been included selected to be part of anthologies. Satori Petals, appeared in 2017, which talks about robots trying to learn sentiments from the last people, appeared in The most beautiful SF & F stories of the year 2017 anthology. Beyond the Horizon, a story published in 2014, winner of the RomCon Award for Best Story in 2015 and presenting a future in which a group of people discovers immortality, appeared the Anthology of Romanian Science-Fiction Prose . Nova, also from 2014, describing the use of a telepathic method for travelling to other planets. appeared in three formats (regular book, Braille and audiobook) în The science ficton & fantasy story collection for our blind friends.

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