The retrospective of 2018, part two – crime & mystery

In the third book of the Homeless series, The Chinese Torture, Dinu arrives in Bucharest with his daughter and is asked to help find a missing Chinese girl. This time he gets to lead a real commando of homeless people, retired, street children and … policemen.

The Domino project continued. In Domino 2: The Mysteries of Rosenau, Petru Berteanu joined the team that includes me, Teodora Matei, Daniel Timariu, Anamaria Ionescu and Bogdan Hrib. The characters of our series are meeting again to solve a case – this time in Rasnov. In Among Legends, Homless’s policeman Marian Duca helps unravel a network whose actions recall the Salisbury attack.

In the Gastro Noir anthology I contributed with the Breakfast delight story. I respected the theme – to have a culinary recipe around which the crimes are being made – and I chose for it a breakfast I invented and I’ve been preparing for almost 20 years. One of the characters in the story will also be found in the fourth volume of the Homeless series, which will appear in 2019.

My first printed translation appeared in BalkaNoir, an anthology comprising 21 authors from 7 countries (Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia and Turkey). The volume was released in summer in Greece. My story, A Case of Drowning, presents an investigation to discover the causes of a writer’s death and has not been published so far in Romanian.

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