The nameless series (I)

Well, yeah! I’m working on a series that has no name. It wasn’t even meant to be a series in the beginning. It was supposed to a be just a crime fantasy story. But I had so much fun working on it, that I knew I had to go back then sometimes. There are only two stories so far:

  • The Pale Stranger in Mirabilis (2017) appeared in The Story collection of Tritonic publishing house. A traveller is found dead in the village of Mirabilis and the eldest ask the stranger Nadír to help them find the killer.
  • The Prince from Çeretkipi (2019) became part of the Under the Crooked Dragon’s Water anthology. While staying at an inn in Çeretkipi, Nadír tells about his adventure in Mirabilis. The heir prince is found dead and Nadír’s story gets to malik Almazar, who asks him to investigate his son’s death.

There will be more “Nadír investigations” in magic lands with fantastic creatures. But that’s a story for the next week. 😉

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