Chaotic (II)

It may be chaos, but I should have a plan, right? Let’s see…

  • It will be a third book. The Crypts of Time end left an open field for adventures. Right now, I’m planning the plot, so the writing process will soon follow.
  • There will be more books in the main series, the one following the quest for the girl who’s drawings brought worlds, strange creatures and magic artifacts to life. How many? Will see. You and me, together. 😉
  • And there will also be novels (possible series) and/or graphic novels and/or stories developing  some worlds, following several characters and artifacts in this complex universe. There’s plenty of ideas. How far it will go? Well, that will have to do with my increasing pleasure of writing it and the readers’ opinions.

Right… I did what all politicians do: I said nothing. Well, what did you expect? It’s chaos! 🙂 One thing is for sure: The Book of Chaos III is not far.

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