Writing log

The first part of 2020 brought the publication of three SciFi stories:

A Perfect World is a re-edition of a story first published in 2016 in Revista de suspans. This year, it was included in the 2019 CSF Anthology published by Pavcon publishing house and recounts the case of a sick old man, whose wealth allows him to become the citizen of a perfect world, where illness and death seem to have been overcome.

On the Brink of Madness, the Yggdrasil has a more complex history. There was a story written by me through 1986-87, called The UFO. Drastically revised after almost two decades, it was included in my second volume, The Kvun God (2004). In 2015, the text was completely re-written, preserving only a few basic elements of the previous text. That led me to consider it to be a new story and thus rename it. It was published in Helion Online. This year, it was included in the 7th issue of the CSF magazine. It presents a humanity that survives only in the Moon colonies, where people spend its time working hard and recreating through induced dreams – some of which prove to be more than mere dream experiences.

Awaken is a new text, published in this year’s 2nd issue of Galaxia 42. It talks about three characters from three different times – a super-tech future, an alternate steampunk 19th century, and a fantasy world – that seem to be connected to each other through strange events in which they participate.

That’s all, folks! 🙂

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