What do readers say

If they got nothing better to do, some people read my masterpieces novels and stories. And as long as they waisted their time reading them, they talk about them.

For instance, Ciobanul de azi says about The Head Hunters that

the reading went very fast, being a specific police novel, with lots of action and hard-to-catch criminals. The ending was a good one, slightly predictable, but legitimate

and that he/she didn’t like the vivid description of the homeless’ lives.

Speaking of The Scent of Krakow, Blogul Irinucăi liked

the atmosphere inside the families, presented through day by day actions and event, gave me an authentic note and made me feel the character, helping me imagine how would it be to stay in their shoes.

Still, she says she would have loved to discover more about the old capital of Poland, to have more of its atmosphere. At the end, she makes a list of all the songs I have included throughout the book, for the potential readers to enjoy. Excellent idea! Thank you!

La plume démasquée creates a beautiful image of The trunk, framed by two dolls and facing the maps of France and Romania.

Literary exercise completed succesfully, two well-chosen authors to carry it out. The phone conversations between the two law representatives are extremely hilarious

says her.

On Facebook, the poetess Irina Lazar has fun thinking how many psychology books I must have read in order to write the stories of so many female characters in Call Me Tomorrow.

A romance, but also a book where you can find pieces of our every day life – cultures crossing, moral issues – how far can you go in a relation, what do you seek in your partner, who are you

she concludes.

Also on Facebook, the writer Borislav Velimirovici comments about my new SciFi story, Awaken, sauing that, even though he considers it a bit too long,

I liked the jumps from one world to the others. Bold idea with the dreams (some may consider it obsolete, but I enjoyed it) and I liked the Jules Verne trick.

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