Spells and magic

At the end of January we had our first meeting in 2020 at the Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Club Alba. Obviously, I couldn’t resist showing off – sharing my ”experience” while talking about a book, a series… Well, what can I say? I have to justify my ”expert” status, right? Anyway, the other members were kind enough to let me perform. Once I was done, they got back to the things they were gathering there for.

We spoke about magic. Is it a more or less accesible ability that we can learn, or is it something that we can get access to? In other words: is it inside us or outside? Is magic something objective, or just a name for a scientific truth that we aren’t yet capable to understand? You know, like a child that takes for granted your words because he/she don’t have the knowledge and doesn’t posses the critical thinking to help him/her understand what can and what can’t be done.

We saw some clips trying to find a common ground in defining what is and what isn’t magic. And we tried to imagine what we would do if only we could make some spells. Fortunately, we can’t. Still, some of us wanted for everyone to be happy, to be peace on Earth and other Miss Universe desires. So, as you can see, we also have good people among us, not only dreamers and misfits. 😉

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