News of the fall

Autumn is here, so let’s see how it begun in terms of writing… 😉

  • The English version of The Story of Xieng Baohui was included in the East of a Known Galaxy anthology, presented at the Eurocon and Worldcon.
  • A new SF story, Probability Trajectories, will appear in October in a collective volume. It describes the arrival of the first human spaceship in the vicinity of an Earth-like planet. But an accident occured right before entering the atmosphere cuts down all communications with the crew…
  • The fantasy-crime story The Prince of Çeretkipi will also appear in October, this time in a volume that I coordinated with Teodora Matei. It is about an investigation concerning the strange death of the heir prince of Çeretkipi, just after he had chosen the desired goods brought by the merchants from the other shore of the sea. Fantastic beings, curses, living deads and a multitude of taboos…
  • In November, my new romance novel, Call Me Tomorrow, will appear at Tritonic publishing house. An actress that has a hard time in her life, her spoiled teenage daughter, her authoritarian mother (who wants to find her a husband no matter what), an idealistic widow and a journalist that loves to live her life to the full travel to France, the promise land of beauty and passion. A little bit of romance, a drop of humor, some bits of drama, some moments of reflection and… a handful of surprises. 😉
  • Two of my stories were accepted by two magazines and will appear in the beginning of the next year. I Am Nikita is a hard SF that tells the story of a man who is willing to go as far as possible from all humans and thus travels to unimaginable dimensions. Awake is a SF story in which three characters from three different worlds start having strange symptoms that seem to be linked to one another and implies… an awakening.

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